Kristin, Director of Academic Affairs

Achieve was a HUGE improvement from our previous system. Achieve has an uncompromising level of integrity and professionalism in terms of customer service. In my years in the professional world I have NEVER worked with a company in ANY AREA with a level of customer service that rivals that of Achieve. They go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our teachers can input grades from school or from home. We have the option of posting grades for parents at all grade levels, but as a school we choose to post grades for the parents of students in grades 5 and up. The parents have shared a LOT of positive feedback about this as well.

I HIGHLY recommend Achieve. You may find other systems that have proven themselves in terms of longevity and mass market appeal, but I do not believe you will find another system with the ability to customize according to your school’s needs and provide you with the unparalleled customer service that Achieve has to offer.


Director of Academic Affairs