Jessica, Office Manager

We have appreciated Achieve’s help to address our unique needs as a small school in our first year. Achieve’s flexible module plan allows us to only pay for the modules we need right now, but be able to add new ones as we grow and develop new needs.

Achieve allows us to track basic, current info for students in a more comprehensive way than simple spreadsheets allow. There are easy functions to print labels, current student directories and make template letters.

I have found it essential for tracking admissions inquiries, visits and applications. We have used a number of useful quick reports for board committees and for follow-up with prospective families. It is also easy to export into Excel or other spreadsheets to organize information in different ways.

I like the simple, uncomplicated look and easy maneuverability.

Achieve support staff have provided prompt technical support and consultation in getting us set up in a small but complex system. They have responded to our needs by either incorporating them into full system updates or helping us customize. I have appreciated their flexibility regarding training as we go.

We have had a great experience working with Achieve.


Office Manager