James, Headmaster

I write to tell you how pleased St. John’s Episcopal School is with your product. What began as a search for a user-friendly data base to support our development office ended with the installation of an information and data management system which seamlessly integrates every aspect of our school operations. Beyond the adaptability of the system to the variety of situational needs in the School, the ease with which people with little or no technological savvy or facility have acclimated to Achieve and its applications is startling.

During the course of my career as a headmaster, I have looked at and tried, poked and prodded, investigated and evaluated more information technology data management systems than I care to recall. They have ranged from hopelessly complex to naively simplistic. Those that were sophisticated enough to be comprehensive were unimaginably difficult for “regular people” to use. Those that were user-friendly lacked the sophistication to yield an integrated approach to all aspects of a school’s operation. Achieve Technology has struck a wonderfully productive balance between sophistication and simplicity.

As you may be aware, we have put Achieve Technology to work across the board at St. John’s. Our school had been hit-or-miss before we put your product in play; the results of this fractured and disconnected approach led to inefficiency, redundancy and a vague frustration best described in the oft heard lament: “There must be something better…” Indeed there was. From the nursing office to report cards, from tracking volunteers to generating data-rich reports of all kinds, St. John’s, with Achieve Technology, has reached a level of integration and consistency that, quite frankly, we did not realize we could attain. And we’ve done it without the foot-dragging and complaining that frequently accompanies the introduction of new data management systems.

To say that you’ve got a winner is a gross understatement. I recommend Achieve Technology to anyone who expresses even a mild interest in data management systems. I’ve become a hero to several of my colleagues: everyone looks like a winner as Achieve Technology begins to bear its fruit.

Thanks for your efforts and for a quite extraordinary product line.

Kind and best regards,