Teacher Web Grade Book

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Teacher Web Grade Book reduces administrative time and effort for teachers. Our system enables teachers to easily manage their classes, track assignments, and record both grades and attendance. Teachers’ classes and rosters are automatically populated from Scheduling Manager and teachers have maximum flexibility in setting up their courses. They have the option of importing assignments from other classes and entering scores per class or per student across assignments.

Teachers can utilize various grading methods including percentages, grouped percentages, and points. They can further set their own assignment types. Each class can use a custom grade scale or default to a school-defined scale. Apply grading curves, drop lowest score(s), and implement late penalties at the teacher’s discretion. The system automatically calculates the students’ averages as assignments are entered, based upon the class parameters.

Improve parent/teacher communication with the Achieve Web Portal. Parents can access their student’s progress when teachers post grades from their Teacher Web Grade Book to the Parent Web Portal. Maintain continual household-school contact throughout the academic year, and keep parents updated on grades as well as upcoming assignments. Teachers can record and share special comments for review by the parent or student, which can also be sent via email or internet post. Administrators can view the parent screen at their convenience should the school utilize the posting feature.

Grades are integrated directly with Report Card Central to streamline the reporting process and reduce errors and data entry time.

Reports include:

  • Class Grade Summary by Assignment
  • Class Grades by Secret Student ID
  • Class Grading Grids
  • Late Assignments
  • Missing Assignments
  • Progress Report with Teacher Comments and Grades
  • Student Summary
  • Students Performing Above a Specified Percentage
  • Students Performing Below a Specified Percentage