Registrar allows you to manage information for each student’s household with ease and flexibility. With our family-centric system, siblings, step-siblings, half-siblings, and grandparents are instantly related without extra data entry from you. Swapping parents on a screen or splitting a household require the effort of only a click. Email or print individual letters, and view archived items all from one tab. Address and phone number changes register automatically for an entire family, ensuring the integrity of your data and reducing input time.

Achieve supports grandparents too! With Achieve’s family-centric model, grandparents are linked to households and integrated with Development Director to allow easy tracking of giving activity. Efficiently manage Grandparent’s Day with our automated system for invitations and reservations. From planning to execution, Achieve will help your school organize the event.

Reports include:

  • Grandparents and Related Grandchildren
  • Grandparent Verification Letter with Labels
  • Grandparent’s Day Check-In List
  • Grandparent’s Day Reservation List
  • Grandparent’s Day Teacher RSVP List

Automate your school’s entire matriculation process. Globally promote students to the next grade level with the push of a button. Manage the contract renewal process and always know your registration count for the upcoming school year. You can easily track the submission of required forms and notify parents whose paperwork is due.

Simplify financial aid tracking with Registrar! Our system allows you to specify award packages and amounts which are consolidated into individual contracts for a streamlined payment process.

Reports include:

  • Class Rosters
  • Dual Households
  • Ethnicity Reports
  • Family Verification Forms
  • Forms on File
  • Missing Forms
  • New Students, New Families
  • Newsletter Distribution
  • Parent Look-ups
  • Re-Contracted/Non-Re-Contracted Students
  • School Directory
  • Student Counts
  • Students by Status (Active, Withdrawn, Graduated, etc.)
  • Zip Code Rosters