Parent Web Portal

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Optimize parent-teacher communication at your school with Achieve’s Parent Web Portal. This module integrates with Teacher Web Grade Book as well as Report Card Central, thereby maximizing parent access to their student’s academic information. A password-protected link from the school website directs parents and students to the Portal, where they can conveniently retrieve the latest class grades, homework assignments, attendance, and teacher comments as the teacher makes them available. Information will be securely and effectively communicated from the school to the household.

Parent Web Portal includes the following features:

  • Single password for each family, regardless of the number of students in the household.
  • Review each child’s grades for all classes posted.
  • Review detail for each assignment.
  • Review teacher instructions for each assignment posted.
  • Review individual comments for graded assignments posted.
  • Parent may sort by category (view homework, tests, quizzes, etc.) to view a child’s strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Teacher comments can include links to other web pages, including their personal web page.
  • Parents may email the teacher directly via the Portal.
  • Parents can easily print their student’s current grades directly from the Portal.
  • Report Cards may be posted for ease of distribution and immediate parental review.