Nurse’s Center

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Nurse’s Center lets you collect and manage the health information of your students and staff. Stay updated with accurate medication, conditions and medical alerts such as life-threatening ailments. In an emergency, access student information with a click, instead of navigating through a cumbersome system. Automatically produce medical forms and pre-filled immunization records for each student. Collect critical health information and record medical data for state documentation, all in one cohesive system.

Nurse’s Center includes physician and dentist databases that allow for quick data entry and accurate contact information. Run a list of students who go to each doctor, and when the office address or phone number changes, one click updates all records. Health insurance information and contact numbers are easily recorded and accessed, and integration with the Emergency Contact database ensures that crucial information is available at the touch of a key.

View the detailed visit logs for an entire day at a glance and see the history of an individual’s visits to the nurse. When a member of your school community comes to see the nurse, record the visit in a detailed log with a description of the reason, the date and time, plus quantity and medication dispensed. Nurse’s Center also provides ample room for entering comments regarding the patient’s disposition and symptoms.

Nurse’s Center accommodates custom fields for both employees and students, enabling you to track and maintain your school’s unique and critical health requirements. Even track faculty health requirements and time-bound tests such as TB, Chest X-Ray, and CPR.

Reports include:

  • Automated Medical Forms
  • Conditions with Medication and Student
  • Faculty Health Requirements Tracking
  • Look-ups by Condition
  • Look-ups by Student First Name, Nick Name, or Last Name
  • Medications by Student
  • Medications Not Allowed
  • Missing Forms
  • Nurse Visit Logs
  • Student Medical Alerts by Teacher, Class, or Grade
  • Student Medical Conditions