Discipline & Merit Dean


Discipline & Merit Dean will help you track discipline records over the entire course of a student’s enrollment at your school. Both positive and negative events can be tracked with your school’s parameters for each. Maintain a comprehensive listing of infractions, repercussions, and awards. Customize your own severity levels, categories, actions, and merits/demerits. Discipline & Merit Dean saves specific information about an incident: from time and teacher recorded to details and extra comments about the transgression. Instantly email a student’s parent(s) with infraction details when the incident is entered into Achieve.

Reporting on discipling and merit events is a quick and simple process. Discipline & Merit Dean automatically generates reports for individuals or groups, for a day, a grading period, or several years with only a few clicks. Run detailed discipline lists for any or all of the following:

  • By Student: View individual disciplinary records, for just one or all students at a time.
  • By Teacher: See the infractions recorded by each teacher for any date range.
  • By Category: Report on a discrete discipline category—or see all of them.
  • By Grade: Instantly report discipline/merit details by grade level(s).
  • By Number of Merits/Demerits: Create a list of number of merits or demerits received by category, based upon your school’s specifications of each.