Attendance Monitor


Attendance Monitor adapts to your school’s specific needs, centralizing attendance maintenance and reporting. Specify your own attendance categories such as Absent, Tardy, or Left Early. Instantly edit attendance records for both current and past dates, and easily track previous years’ attendance with historical reports. Run daily or summary reports for a given date range, and immediately see students with perfect attendance for any or all terms.

Daily attendance tracking and data entry is a fast and simple process with Attendance Monitor. Attendance records can be entered by teachers or administrative support staff, by day or period, by student or by class. Consolidate or delegate attendance record-keeping, adding another layer of security and efficiency to teachers who only see their own classes.

Reports include:

  • Absences, Tardies, or All Attendance Records by Date or Date Range
  • Attendance by Teacher or Class
  • Attendance by Student or Group
  • Attendance Sheets by Teacher or Class
  • Attendance by Number of Custom Codes
  • Graphic Attendance Calendar by Student
  • Historical Attendance Reports
  • Perfect and Imperfect Attendance Reports