Achieve Releases Portal Version 7.0

Your Staff saves time with Release 7.0! Now you can allow Parents to update more information from the Portal, so your Staff doesn’t have to. Faculty/Staff members will have immediate access to important data. Automate your re-enrollment process. Parents may update important medical information, grandparent information, and much more.

Configure the Student/Household screens the way you want! There are more than 16 tabs within the new Student/Household Portal system. Give the tabs their own names and order them in a way that makes the most sense for your School. If you don’t want to use a tab, you don’t have to. You decide which fields are viewable, updateable, or required on each tab.

New Portal tabs and functions include:

Student Medical Alerts:
Parents may enter medical conditions, comments, and medications for their children.

Grandparent Data:
Parents may add information about Grandparents. This includes demographic details (address, home phone, cell phone, etc.) as well as email address and flags for deceased, do not mail, do not solicit, etc.

Custom Fields: In addition to the custom fields from the Student’s screen (in Achieve Hosted), an entirely new tab, offering up to 20 additional custom fields, may be utilized. This means you can configure more fields for Parents to view and/or update

Contract Renewal: More functionality has been added to contract renewal. Parents may renew their Student’s contract online. Now you may upload multiple contracts and assign different contracts to families by School, grade, or individual Student. Parents can agree to terms and pay renewal fees online.

Announcement: An announcement tab has been added. You may call this tab anything you like, and type any message to your families. This tab can be placed anywhere within the Student/Household system.

Historical Report Cards:
Allow families to print their child’s historical report cards directly from the Portal (Student screen).

Student Picture: The Student’s picture is now visible on the secure Portal – great for Parents, Teachers, and Administrators.

Religion Information: This new option allows Parents to update religion information (for Students and Parents) directly from the Portal.

Verification: An entirely new verification tab is available. Now you can create a separate tab for verification, including instructions. Place the tab wherever you like within the Student/Household system.

Community Service:  Student community service has been made available to Parents and Students. Now, families can add or view community service hours. What they record is configurable by the School.

Discipline: Allow your families to view discipline history online.

Email Reports: The notification report (emailed to Faculty/Staff that you designate) has been enhanced.

There are many other enhancements included in this release!